• No set frequency for new posts, currently
  • Personal, subjective experiences or stories
  • Scriptural, objective backing or truth
  • Only quazi-formal writing and grammar


You can expect one of three types of posts:

1) Diary Posts

  • centered around a vague theme, but not necessarily a specific experience.
  • involve some important Biblical truth(s) I’m experiencing.
  • probably the least polished of the three.
  • marked by a doodle on the right hand side.

2) Story Posts

  • reads like a short story
  • marked by a doodle on the left-hand side.
  • muse upon some experience I had that was considerably noteworthy
  • probably the most exciting/entertaining of the three.

3) Idealogical Posts

  • usually are more formally written
  • deal more with my personal understanding of doctrine
  • not centered around an experience
  • sometimes very old, dry, or long-winded, but sometimes it’s about stuff that blew my mind when I first heard it.
  • marked by the lack of a little MS paint doodle at the beginning, which all my other posts have.

Note: to be honest, not every post will fit squarely into one of these three categories, but i’ll do my best.

Why that third category?

Well, even though in theory I want this blog to be something any Christian can come to and get something out of it, I know how hard that can be with denominations and whatnot. I’ve made these posts separate for that reason – but my original intent of making this blog (besides what is stated on the about page) is to have a personal storage bin of my collection of theological writings, short essays, and other works concerning the Lord that I have made. A place to store these written works online where I don’t have to worry about computers crashing/dying, taking up space on my computer etc. I can’t have that place if I never show my true beliefs when it comes to nitty-gritty issues. In the past my writings have concerned a lot of non-common-faith issues, that other Christians may challenge me on… however, I don’t want to stop writing what I believe is true just because people might disagree with me about it on the internet. So I’ll continue to write those things. I’ll continue to store them here as a sort of personal archive. As a courtesy, I’ve made it its own separate category.